Ultrathin Breast Pads

Extremely thin and absorbent nursing pads to leave your skin feeling dry – day and night

For many women, nursing is the greatest joy. It creates intimate, quiet moments between a mother and her baby. But nursing can leave marks behind: Bulges in your bra from nursing pads that have slipped down or milk stains on your clothes. It doesn’t have to be like that! ELANEE ultra-thin nursing pads fit perfectly and stay comfortably in place, thanks to adhesive strips. The breathable “SOFT-Touch”-surface makes for a comfortable fit and the water-repellent exterior keeps clothes dry. In between these, the ultra-absorbent centre holds up to 100ml of liquid inside. Milk stains on your clothes don’t stand a chance! The ultra-thin, disposable nursing pads are moulded to your body and fit perfectly into any bra. They keep their form and structure even after heavy galactorrhoea. Making nursing discrete and unobtrusive

Benefits of ELANEE Ultrathin Breast-Pads:

  • Ultra-absorbent centre that holds up to 100ml of liquid inside
  • Extremely thin (less than 1.4mm thick)
  • Breathable “SOFT-Touch”-surface
  • Form and structure remains stable even after heavy galactorrhoea
  • Firm support thanks to two fixed strips
  • Water-repellent exterior keeps clothes dry
  • Each tube hygienically packaged for on the go

Empfehlung kidsgo für ELANEE Ultradünne Stilleinlagen

ELANEE Ultra-thin Nursing Pads are extremely thin (only 1.4 mm thick) and shaped to fit against your body like a second skin. They can absorb up to 100 ml per pad and remain in shape even with a heavy milk flow. The ultra-absorbent polymer core locks the liquid safely inside the nursing pad. The breathable ‘SOFT TOUCH’ surface and water repellent outside reliably protect your clothes and keep your skin dry. Two adhesive strips ensure that the nursing pad remains in place without restricting your movements throughout the day. ELANEE Ultrathin Nursing Pads are individually and hygienically wrapped, which makes them ideal for when you are out and about.

Contents: 24 nursing insertions

Pharmaceutical registration number (PZN): 12433750

ELANEE Ultrathin Breast-Pads are used for normal stress, symptom-free nipples during pregnancy and lactation.

The breathable “SOFT-Touch”-surface quickly guides any milk leaks away from the body, down to the ultra-absorbent centre embedded in cellulose. This turns the fluid into gel and securely traps it. Thus creating a dry and pleasant sensation on the skin. Two fixed strips on the back of the nursing pad ensure firm support in bras and maximum comfort when wearing. The water-repellent exterior protects underwear from becoming sodden

The nursing pads consist of cellulose, SAP-granules and a waterproof polyethylene foil.

The product can be disposed of along with the household waste.