Ultra-Thin Nursing Pads

Absorbent and completely discrete – ideal for using on the go

For many women, nursing is the greatest joy. It creates intimate, quiet moments between a mother and her baby. But nursing can leave marks behind: Bulges in your bra from nursing pads that have slipped down or milk stains on your clothes. It doesn’t have to be like that! ELANEE Ultra-Thin Nursing Pads fit perfectly and stay put thanks to adhesive points. Super soft inside with delicate fleece yet breathable and thick on the outside. At the centre of the pad is a super absorbent cellulose core with moisture-absorbing balls which quickly and reliably absorb the milk. No risk of milk stains on your clothing! The ulra-thin disposable nursing pads are moulded to your body and fit perfectly into any bra. The edge moulds to the skin and does not stick out. Making nursing discrete and unobtrusive.

Benefits of ELANEE Ultra-Thin Nursing Pads

  • Particularly discrete thanks to oval shape
  • No sliding thanks to adhesive points
  • Absorbent thanks to cellulose core with super-absorbers
  • Absorbent core safety locks liquid in
  • Coated external fleece offers reliable protection for underwear
  • Individually and hygienically packaged

ELANEE Ultra-Thin Nursing Pads fit perfectly in any bra thanks to their oval shape. The supple edge moulds to the skin and is not noticeable. An adhesive point on the back prevents the nursing pad from slipping and allows for perfect positioning and comfort. The super-absorbent core quickly and reliably wicks away breast milk and draws it into the centre. The soft inner fleece creates a dry and pleasant feeling on the skin. The breathable outer layer offers reliable protection for underwear.

Contents: 24 nursing pads

Pharmaceutical registration number (PZN): 12433750

ELANEE Ultra-Thin Nursing Pads are used for normal stress, symptom-free nipples during pregnancy and lactation.

The highly absorbent core absorbs the milk in a quick and reliable ways and provides for a dry and fresh skin for a long time. The soft internal fleece is particularly comfortable and smooth with a sensitive skin. The external impermeable layer protects the clothes.

The ELANEE Ultra-Thin Nursing Pads consists of fleece, cellulose and a highly absorbent core.

The product can be disposed of along with the household waste.

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