Molton Breast Pads

Pleasant, soft protection for underwear when you have stressed-out nipples

Day-to-day life for nursing mothers: Your baby nurses happily and then dozes off sweetly. But Mother Nature is already making provisions for the next meal and breast milk seeps into your bra. Nursing pads help to prevent milk stains from showing through your top. The triple layered ELANEE Molton Breast Pads are wonderfully soft and washable. An environmentally-conscious and affordable alternative to disposables! Also perfect for women who can’t wear wool. Helping you feel protected between nursing sessions.

Benefits of ELANEE Molton Breast Pads:

  • Pleasantly soft and absorbent
  • An environmentally-friendly and affordable alternative
  • Particularly easy to care for
  • Washable at 95 °C
  • Perfect for women who can’t wear wool

ELANEE Molton breast pads are an affordable and environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable products. They are pleasantly soft, and their three layers provide reliable protection for underwear for light to normal milk flow. ELANEE Fleece nursing pads are particularly suitable for people who cannot wear wool.

Content: 3 Pair Molton Breast Pads

Pharmaceutical registration number (PZN): 12433767

ELANEE Molton Breast Pads are suitable for:

  • Light to normal milk
  • Wool intolerance
  • Healthy nipples

The nursing pads are placed in the bra so that the nipples are fully covered, meaning that leaking milk can be absorbed and breasts and clothing remain dry.

ELANEE Molton Breast Pads consistis of 100  % cotton.

Wash in the washing machine at 60°C or 95°C (put in a washing bag, if possible, especially if washing at 95°C). Pull into shape when wet and lay flat to dry. The Breast Pads will turn white if a detergent with a bleaching additive is used.

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