Our concept for breastfeeding

Pregnancy is an exciting time for a mother-to-be, and after the birth, breastfeeding is a wonderful bonding experience between mother and child. However, problems can occur, and there is often a high level of uncertainty.

With our products, we try to offer solutions that make lots of things easier. Be it during pregnancy with a support girdle to alleviate back pain and provide relief to the pelvic floor, or during breastfeeding with many special products for prevention, care and treatment. Find out more about our products on the following pages!

The female breast is made up of connective tissue and a mammary gland which is surrounded by fatty tissue and permeated by blood vessels, nerves and lymphatic vessels. The mammary gland, where breast milk is produced, is a solid, round and flat object. It is composed of 15 to 20 grape-shaped lobes that are connected to the nipple by a lactiferous duct and are positioned around it in a star shape. In front of the areola and the nipple, the lactiferous ducts extend toward milk sacks which assume a pumping function during breast feeding.


Breast milk is freely available whenever, wherever. It is always the right temperature and is sterile. Over 200 components in the milk are adapted to the needs of your growing baby. The first milk, known as colostrum, is produced during pregnancy and is available for your baby in the first days after birth. It has a viscous, yellowy consistency and contains everything that your baby needs at the beginning. Colostrum is followed about 3 days after the birth by the transition milk. You’ll notice this change as your milk comes in. Milk production now begins in earnest, and the breasts swell and become warmer, heavier and more sensitive. This milk is thinner and contains a higher proportion of fats and sugars. Two to three weeks after the birth, mature breast milk develops, and this contains less protein but is full of important fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. The composition of breast milk changes even during nursing. At the beginning of the breastfeeding process, there is colostrum, which contains a lot of water and quenches the baby’s thirst. After about five minutes, the consistency becomes thicker, the sugar content drops and the fat content triples in order to satisfy the baby’s hunger. This milk is known as the after-milk. It is important to let your baby drink from each breast for at least ten minutes so that he or she has the colostrum and the satisfying after-milk.

Every woman must decide for herself which position is best for her. Of course, the position may change depending on the situation but you should bear a few important tips in mind. Your body, and that of your baby, should always be well supported during nursing. You can, for example, use a nursing pillow or a comfortable chair with arm rests. Ensure that the baby is always guided to the nipple and not the nipple to the baby. With a little practise, you and your baby will become a proper team, whether you’re sitting, lying down or holding the baby to the side. Involve your partner in the preparation for nursing and the nursing process.

stillen position

If you wish to stock up on breast milk for certain situations, to compensate for irregular milk flow or to prevent blocked milk ducts, there are various tips and tricks for storing milk correctly. You can keep breast milk in the fridge or freezer. Whichever option you prefer, you should always label the container with the date and time as well as your baby’s name, if it is to be fed at a nursery. Breast milk has a shelf life of six to eight hours at a room temperature of 26°C . If you keep the milk cool at a maximum temperature of 4°C, it will keep for up to five days. If the temperature in your freezer remains constant at -18°C, you can keep breast milk for up to six months. These temperature and time specifications apply only to fresh, not defrosted, breast milk.

Muttermilchbeutel zum hygienischen und sicheren Aufbewahren und Einfrieren von Muttermilch

Our Breast-Pad range

ELANEE Breast-Pads provide a feeling of safety, while being discreet and comfortable to wear, thanks to their absorbency and uncomplicated nature. Breastfeeding mothers can find solutions for nearly every type of problem with ELANEE’s breastfeeding range.

ELANEE Stillkonzept

Our problem solving concept

Many women suffer from stressed-out nipples, particularly in the first weeks of nursing. The nipples can become sore through incorrect feeding or feeding too frequently. The ELANEE nipple balm can have a preventative effect if applied during pregnancy and has a soothing effect during nursing. The combination of pure natural ingredients and added vitamin E regenerates and cares for the delicate skin. The balm contains pure, high-quality lanolin and the added sunflower oil makes it wonderfully silky. ELANEE nipple balm is so pure and natural that it does not need to be washed off before breastfeeding. It is available in a 30 ml airless dispenser as well as in a 10 ml tube.

Brustwarzensalbe für Schwangere und stillende Mütter zur Pflege der Brustwarzen

ELANEE Nipple balm helps to soothe sore and chapped skin. The combination of pure natural ingredients and added vitamin E has regenerating, soothing effects. The balm can be used preventatively during pregnancy. ELANEE Nipple balm is applied to the nipples as needed. The balm contains no preservatives or fragrance and no butylhydroxytoluol (BHT). Due to the low proportion of free wool wax alcohol (<3%) and low pesticide content (<1.5 ppm), the balm is easy to apply.

Brustwarzensalbe für Schwangere und stillende Mütter zur Pflege der Brustwarzen

When choosing the right nursing pads, different factors play a role. As well as the health aspect, i.e. preventing inflammation by keeping the nipples dry and clean, there are a few other decisive factors. The absorbency, the maintenance, the visibility under clothes, but also the ecological aspects such as avoiding waste all play a greater or less significant role for each woman. For every woman, though, leakage or odour is unpleasant. Depending on the situation, ELANEE offers a diverse range of high-quality nursing pads.

Elanee ultrathin breast pads fit perfectly in any bra thanks to their oval shape. The supple edge moulds to the skin and is not noticeable. An adhesive point on the back prevents the nursing pad from slipping and allows for perfect positioning and comfort. The super-absorbent core quickly and reliably wicks away breast milk and draws it into the centre. The soft inner fleece creates a dry and pleasant feeling on the skin. The breathable outer layer offers reliable protection for underwear.

Extrem dünne und saugstarke Stilleinlagen für ein trockenes Hautgefühl – Tag und Nacht
217-00_Waschbare Waescheschutz-Stilleinlagen_web2

ELANEE Washable Premium Breast Pads are an affordable and environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable products. They are discrete and absorbent and the seamless finish prevents pressure points. The breat pads are washable at 40 °C.

Inflammation of the nipples occurs primarily through incorrect nursing techniques. But hormonal changes during pregnancy and nursing can also cause the nipples and areola to react in a particularly sensitive manner. Incorrectly beginning and ending breastfeeding can then also lead to small skin injuries and therefore to a build-up of bacteria and infection. As well as caring for the nipples, it is particularly important to use the right nursing pads in order to keep the breast dry and to prevent a warm, moist area which encourages the build-up of bacteria. Good air circulation and taking the pressure off the nipples helps with regeneration.

Sore nipples recover especially well in the air. The silk and the special knit of the ELANEE Silk-Wool-Breast-Pads allow for a good air flow. The wool pad wicks away liquid and protects underwear. The silk side that sits against the skin is identified by a pink thread..

Seide-Wolle-Stilleinlagen - zur Unterstützung der Regeneration stark beanspruchter Brustwarzen
Seide-Wolle-Stilleinlagen - zur Unterstützung der Regeneration stark beanspruchter Brustwarzen

Sore nipples recover especially well in the air. The silk and the special knit of the ELANEE silk-wool-breast-pads allow for a good air flow. The additional wool layer wicks away liquid to protect underwear. Use of 3 layer nursing pads is particularly recommended for strong milk flow. The silk side that sits against the skin is identified by a pink thread.

The damp warm atmosphere within a nursing pads encourages the formation of bacteria that will then attack the breast. Thus the skin becomes irritated, the breasts may become inflamed and cause a mastitis. Also, encouraged by a warm temperature the bacteria may develop a disagreeable, rancid smell. Due to its antibacterial activity, silver (CAS-Nr. 7440-22-4), an active biocide agent, reduces colonization and repopulation of microorganisms in the breast pads and prevents odors. Wool and Tencel C (Lyocell) are natural yarns that absorb and store liquid extremely well, which means that breasts and clothing remain dry. ELANEE Silver nursing pads comprise one pad made from silver thread and a wool pad that wicks away liquid and keeps the breast dry.

Waschbare Silber-Stilleinlagen antibakteriell und kühlend

ELANEE Hydrogel Pads encourage the healing process of sore and cracked nipples and have a pleasant cooling and soothing effect. The pads form a protective layer between nipples and clothing and thus protect sensitive nipples. The cool gel soothes immediately and accelerates the healing process through the principle of healing aided by moisture. Hydrogel Pads do not stick to the wound, can be removed painlessly and do not damage the new skin layer when the pads are changed. Hydrogel Pads create a moist wound environment, which encourages superficial wounds to heal optimally. Hydrogel Pads form a barrier against microorganisms and thus minimise the danger of the wound becoming infected by bacteria. They are individually wrapped in aluminium pouches and can be used up to 24 hours.

Hydrogelpads födern und beschleunigen die Heilung wunder und rissiger Brustwarzen
Brust-Ringe schützen empfindliche Brustwarzen

ELANEE breast rings are foam rings that are placed directly on the breast inside the bra. The breast rings create a barrier between the breast and fabric. The circular gap prevents the nipple from being touched or pressed and it also ensures a good flow of air. The special pear shape of the breast rings provides ideal padding for the breast and allows for an even distribution of pressure. Breast rings come with or without a groove to create a distinction between the ring for the left breast or right. This prevents cross-contamination when reused after feeding. The rings should be disposed of after use (up to 24 hours). ELANEE breast rings can be used alongside medical treatments. You can also apply ELANEE Nipple balm to help soothe the nipples. It is recommended that you place the ELANEE ultra-thin disposal nursing pads between the breast rings and clothing in order to protect clothing against leaks.