Vaginal pH Self Test, 2 Pieces

For detecting vaginal bacterial or fungal infections in combination with your own symptoms

An uncomfortable feeling, itching or burning sensation in the intimate area sets alarm bells ringing for any woman. The acidic vaginal environment typically has a pH of 4.4 and forms a natural protective barrier against bacteria and germs. The naturally-occurring lactic acid bacteria create a healthy acidic balance in the intimate area. Due to hormonal fluctuations or other influences, the number of lactic acid bacteria, compared to harmful bacteria, is reduced and the risk of an infection increases. Bacterial infections are the most frequent cause of premature births and can develop within 2-3 days. The gap between screenings by your doctor or midwife is often too great for potential infections to be recognised and treated early. With the ELANEE Vaginal pH Self Test, you can check your own pH value quickly and easily at home.

Benefits of the ELANEE Vaginal pH Self Test:

  • Quick and hygienic measurement of the vaginal pH-value
  • Aids early recognition of bacterial vaginal infections
  • Helps to prevent premature births
  • Easy to use at home
  • Individually packaged vaginal applicators
  • Colour scale on each individual package for immediate comparison
  • Result can be read instantly
  • Result history can be recorded in test diary

With the ELANEE Vaginal pH Self Test, it’s possible to recognise bacterial vaginal infections early and lower the risk of premature birth. Women can measure their vaginal pH at home, hygienically, easily and quickly. The ELANEE Vaginal pH Self Test is an individually packaged plastic applicator with integrated test strips. The result is determined on a colour scale.


  • 2 separately packed test applicators
  • 1 instruction manual

Pharmaceutical registration number (PZN): 11561960

A pH of more than 4.4 indicates a shift of the acidic balance. Therewith, it indicates the risk and/or the existence of bacterial infections of the genital area. If the shift of the pH is identified already at an early stage, the milieu may be brought back to its normal level using natural substances such as Döderlein bacteria. Untreated vaginal bacterial infections often result in a decreased fertility rate. In case bacterial infections remain unidentified in pregnancy, they may rise and increase the risk of

  • premature contractions,
  • premature rapture of the membranes,
  • preterm birth,
  • bacterial infection of the foetus,
  • fever during birth,
  • amnionitis (chorioamnionitis) and
  • endometritis after birth (endometritis post partum).

It make sense to use the ELANEE Vaginal pH Self Test in the following cases:

  • With suspicion of bacterial vaginosis
  • With suspicion of imbalances (dysbiosis)
  • After anti-infective therapies (e.g. treatment with antibiotics)
  • With preventive medial checkups during pregnancy
  • As a self test during pregnancy
  • With risk of preterm birth
  • After sexual intercourse with a new partner
  • With any problems in the genital area
  • Before and after any vaginal surgeries

The ELANEE Vaginal pH Self Test is a reliable, hygienic and painfree method to determine the vaginal pH. The test detects the vaginal micro-ecological balance and/or any imbalances. As soon as the pH measuring zone on the applicator has contact with vaginal secretion, this results in a colour change. Depending on the acid value of the liquid, the measuring zone changes into various colours, each of which corresponds to a value on the colour scale. This value is your test result.

Interpreting the test results

The pH value of your vagina is normal (3.8 to 4.4)

Vaginal pH values between 3.8 and 4.4 are in the normal/healthy range. The indicator pad turns a yellowish colour.

If the value is less than 4.4, but there are other indications of infection, seek medical advice.

A fungal infection is probable when you notice the following additional symptoms in your genital area:

  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Unusual, whitish, lumpy discharge

Then seek medical advice.

The pH value of your vagina is raised (greater than 4.4)

Vaginal values greater than 4.4 are outside of the normal/healthy range. The indicator turns a darker colour, tending towards brown-green-blue.

A bacterial infection (vaginosis) is probable when you notice the following additional symptoms in your genital area:

  • Itching
  • Unpleasant, fishy odour
  • Unusual whitish grey, liquid discharge

Trichomoniasis is probable when you notice the following additional symptoms in your genital area:

  • Pain when urinating
  • Unpleasant, musty odour
  • Unusual, foam-like yellowish to greenish discharge

If your tested pH value is greatly increased (6.1 or higher), this could indicate breaking waters during pregnancy. Consult your gynaecologist or midwife as quickly as possible.

In the event of raised pH values, do not take any therapeutic measures without first consulting your doctor!

The testing strips of the ELANEE Vaginal pH Self Test are non-bleeding, i.e. they do not emit any dyestuffs or any other substances. Therefore, they may be inserted into the vagina without hesitation. Never use any pH testing strips that may emit any substances (e.g. urine tests).

The pH Test comprises an applicator of ca. 8 cm with an integrated pH testing strip (MERCK pH small indicator rods, pH 4.0-7.0.

Store the test in the closed plastig bag, dry and at room temperature. Please keep away from children.  Use each test for one time only. The product can be disposed of along with the household waste.

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