NEW: ELANEE Washable

Premium Breast Pads!

Absorbent breast pads for secure, discrete underwear protection

NEW: ELANEE Breast Massager Device!

For breast massage during pregnancy and breastfeeding
to stimulate milk flow and to relieve blockages

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NEW: ELANEE Intimate Skin Care Cream!

The ELANEE Intimate Skin Care Cream protects and nourishes dry and
irritated skin in the external intimate area.

Products for pregnancy and lactation!

From the strong flow of milk and through to the development of odors
as well as sore, cracked or inflamed nipples - The ELANEE range
offers suitable solutions for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Products for pelvic floor training.

Bladder weakness before or after birth or later in and after
the menopause – the ELANEE products for pelvic floor trainining are a
natural, gentle and simple method of muscle building and its preservation.

Products for intimate health!

For many diseases in the intimate area - the ELANEE intimate health products
offer modern women solutions for self-diagnosis and treatment.

ELANEE – Focus on Women

Our focus is on women – women’s health really matters to us! Making you glad to be a woman. Health problems can arise in many areas of women’s lives. ELANEE offers solutions during pregnancy, nursing, menopause and for all areas of intimate health. Our products will help you to identify your problems, treat them in the best way and ensure timely prevention of further issues. As manufacturers of medical products, the foundation of our business is the highest possible level of safety and quality. But we are constantly working on improving our products and we take your suggestions seriously. So that you can enjoy being a woman. Naturally!

Pelvic floor training

Bladder weakness before or after a birth or during or after the menopause – ELANEE pelvic floor exercise products are a natural, gentle and simple method for developing and maintaining muscle strength.

Pregnancy and breast feeding

From strong milk flow and seepage through to odours and sore, chapped or inflamed nipples – the ELANEE nursing range offers appropriate solutions for pregnant and nursing mothers.

Intimate health

For many conditions in the intimate area – ELANEE intimate health products offer modern women solutions for self-diagnosis and treatment.